Here are a few of the frequently asked questions that we get regarding our auctions. If you have your own questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Are your auctions online?

Yes, at the moment 75% of all our lots are sold online to people in countries all over the world. We have regular buyers from North America to Australia and lots of places in-between. We use and the-saleroom for all our online bidding

Can i put a reserve on my item/s?

We have different auctions, a weekly general auction, monthly antiques & collectables auctions and specialist auctions. In the general auction the starting is £10 on everything we have no reserves or estimates on anything, everything is there to sell. Our aim is to get the best possible price for every items we sell in auction, the more we raise for you, the more commission we get. In the monthly antiques auction we are happy to discuss a reserve if the item is valued over £100

What happens if my things don’t sell?

Unsold lots are placed in a Timed auction where people have chance to bid again for three days, this is online only. If items do not sell in this auction we asked for them to be collected by the weekend

How do i get paid?

We pay out by bank transfer only 10 days after the auction. All clients must contact us to be paid, we will not contact you. This will be the same after every auction you have sold items in, you will have to contact us again with your details because we do not keep or store them.

Why have my things not been in auction yet?

Due to the current situation we are limiting the number of lots per week so we are running up a backlog of items. We are doing our best to get everything in at the order they came in so we will get to them soon

Why do you charge for picking items up when you’re putting them in auction?

We have to take 2 men and the van out of work to pick things up for insurance purpose’s. We charge a very reasonable rate for pick ups which just about covers the wages and petrol. If you think some van rental places charge a minimum £100 + VAT just for the van then you have the man hours and fuel of moving your things, our £40 pick up fee is very reasonable

Can i post things to you for auction? 

Of course! We receive packages every day. Please make sure you send them signed for and put your details in so we know who it belongs to.

I’ve never done this before and i want to sell something..

We make the process as simple as possible. Once you have brought your things to us someone will go through and look at your items with you. If you decide to put things in auction we will need to get you registered and give you a unique four digit number (this is your lifetime number that you will use for buying and selling) We will give you a receipt for all the items left and that’s it, your done.

What are your charges?

Simple… 15% + VAT and a £1 + VAT insertion fee per lot to cover lotting and insurance while in the building. That’s it, no hidden fees or charges

Do you do house clearances?

Yes, please contact our reception for more information. We can work to your needs

Do you do free valuations?

If you are looking for a probate or insurance valuation there is a £45 fee because we are issuing you with an official document. If you are looking for a auction estimate, that’s a free service.

Do you buy things?

The only thing we tend to buy is scrap gold/silver. Everything else you are better off putting into auction to get maximum value. We are not traders, we are auctioneers looking to get the best possible prices for items in auction. If we were to buy things from you we would have to buy them “cheap” to make profit, that’s not the road we want to go down. In auction your items will get maximum exposure and maximum value

Do you post items?

We do our own in house shipping at cost price. Please note that your items will only be insured for loss, not damage so we do recommend you arrange your own courier for anything delicate or breakable